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What's the problem?

Western economy has known an incredible growth. That's great for many of us, but there are two major concerns:

  1. Our growing wealth is dramatically depleting our natural resources. Even a dummy can understand that material growth on a static planet must by definition come to an end one day (the ‘green' problem);
  2. As long as our society interprets ‘prosperity' mainly as material wealth it generates a race for the planetary resources. A race between the rich, the poor and nature, which is permanently won by the rich. The rich are getting richer, while most of the poor are getting poorer (the ‘social' problem).

It is the mission of Ex'tent to help develop a free market economy that is fairer to everybody and less ruinous to our planet. We believe in a society in which the need for welfare is satisfied by a less material economy. A society based on more services and a virtual economy rather than traditional materialism. We are convinced that consumers need to be seduced to behave more environmental friendly.

Investments by Ex'tent are meant to address the depletion of natural resources by supporting green alternatives - creative ways to fulfill our society's current desires with less impact to the environment. By changing production methods to organic for example, or by using new biodegradable materials, recycling or sharing products among users.

We also support companies that change the desires of our affluent society towards less material desires, or an immaterial wealth. Examples of activities that bring fun and comfort but hardly any pollution are personal services and new media, such as virtual entertainment, web design and videotelephony (powered by green electricity). Creating a virtual sofa on Second Life is better for our planet than purchasing a real one. Kids should better purchase more phone credits than their zillionth pair of shoes.

Ex'tent wants to contribute to a change for the better. How?
We support enterprises and not for profit organizations such as The Home Foundation working in line with our mission. Also, we research and promote Value Extracted Tax, a fundamental system change shifting taxation from labor to resources.